Ready for your next career move? Attracted by the idea of greater autonomy? Looking for a change in direction perhaps?

We think we may have just the solution! Apace Technology is one of the fastest growing IT service Provider in the INDIA.. Apace Technology is a stimulating place in which to develop your career – where responsibilities are real, and opportunities plenty.

There is a great team spirit at Innogistic, inside and outside the office, with social events, whether organised or impromptu, happening frequently. Our staff turnover is extremely low – an indicator how much those at Innogistic value working here.

At Apace Technology, the solutions we deliver make it necessary for our employees to be the best and nothing but the best. All our employees (referred to as ‘Creators’) are from world-class institutions and possess the necessary qualities required to make a truly global software professional. Our Creators work in a demanding environment, delivering cutting edge technologies to leading organizations operating in diverse businesses and geographies.

If you join Apace Technology as a fresh graduate, you will be designated as a trainee. Your primary task will be to acquire hands on expertise in various software tools and packages. After your stint as a trainee, you will progress to the position of a developer, where you will be assigned fixed tasks, which form part of an ongoing project.

The growth of your competencies and expertise is constantly monitored and at the next level as an independent developer, you are entrusted with additional responsibilities. At this critical juncture, you are given an opportunity to choose a role, which would suit your skills. You can either choose to be a technology specialist or branch off into other functions, which involve greater client interaction, like that of a project leader.

Client Reviews

  • Imran Uddin

    I’ve used IT Vision 1st time and very pleased.They’ve done a great job by ranking them in top 10.I’m looking for a long term business with them.

    Imran Uddin
  • Surya Singh

    As a business owner, one of my top priorities is to surround myself with suppliers who perform well. Andy is one of those suppliers for me

    Surya Singh

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